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Working with Skilled KC

Employers Who Want to Partner

In the Kansas City metro area, on both sides of the state line, there is a growing job market with a shortage of skilled workers. There are over 200,000 jobs that require some skilled training, or about one out of every five total jobs (21%). Many industries are growing in size, but are in desperate need of new, diverse employees. Skilled KC is a nimble and adaptable education partner that can support developing the talent for our growing metro. Our training will be informed by industry experts and integrates a growth mindset curriculum to develop the necessary skills, preparing talent that is ready for a changing economy.

If you want to inform our programs, we are currently seeking leaders from the business community who are subject matter experts to inform Skilled KC Technical Institute’s curriculum. Our goal is to offer industry-driven, work-based curriculum that provides students with the career awareness, technical training and employability skills necessary to move into the industry or train up within their current organizations.

We are also seeking community organizations that want to connect their clients to workforce development opportunities.