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Employer – Education Engagement Kansas City

A critical ingredient to a thriving regional economy is a ready supply of diverse, skilled talent. Kansas City is committed to creating an ecosystem where learners of all ages have access to a robust continuum of experiential/real world learning experiences that help them develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors critical to success in life and work.

To support scaling of experiential/real world learning opportunities as a community, we have developed a common framework and language to make it simpler and easier for everyone to understand the options – explore, engage, immerse, and ecosystem support – and how they can engage in a way that best suits their needs.

Portrait of a Graduate

Market Value Assets

Market Value Assets are defined as industry-standard and recognized skills. Download the PDF

What do Kansas City high school graduates need to be ready for in the future? Real World Learning experiences are essential to prepare students for the future and can be measured by what we call Market Value Assets, which include:

— Learning
— Thinking
— Relating
— Contributing
— Thriving

Market Value Assets are defined as industry-standard and recognized skills acquired in high school that create a more seamless transition from school to postsecondary education and/or the workplace.

Market Value Asset Definitions

Market Value Assets, or MVAs, are key high school student outcomes that signal career and college readiness, so that every student is prepared to make, or get, a quality job and be economically self-sufficient. Guiding principles for identifying whether an output or experience rises to the level of a market value asset include:

— Work output has recognized value within industry or post-secondary.
— Student performance is evaluated by multiple stakeholders, some external to education.
— The student grows capabilities in multiple KC Portrait of a Graduate dimensions.

and more.