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Starting a business is difficult enough; government shouldn’t make it harder or more complicated.

We empower advocates to educate policymakers about why new businesses matter so that the voices of entrepreneurs can inform policy debates at the local, state, and federal level.

Programs & Initiatives

America’s New Business Plan puts the ambitions and can-do spirit of everyday Americans first through a four-part entrepreneurship agenda that ensures anyone with an idea has access to the opportunity, funding, knowledge, and support to turn it into a reality. Read the ANBP Response to COVID-19 [PDF]

America’s New Business Plan RFP

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation funded nine entrepreneurship advocates to inform local, regional, and national policy debates with the voices of entrepreneurs. Read the story >

Entrepreneurs’ Policy Network

The Entrepreneurs’ Policy Network (EPN) is an alliance of organizations bringing the voices of entrepreneurs to policy debates at the state level. Members of the EPN educate policymakers about the impact of policies in erecting and removing barriers to entrepreneurship and build support for entrepreneurship and new businesses.

Entrepreneurship Advocacy

When business owners and advocates make a personal connection with policymakers, the odds improve that lawmakers will understand the needs of entrepreneurs. To that end, we bring entrepreneurial advocates from around the country to Washington, D.C., to learn advocacy skills and have educational meetings with policymakers about the challenges facing the nation’s makers, doers, and dreamers.

Congressional Startup Day

Congressional Startup Day, formerly Startup Week Across America, is an opportunity during the annual August congressional recess for senators and representatives to learn more about local startups and discuss the important role entrepreneurs play in communities across the country.