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Kansas City Civic

Ewing Kauffman worked to enhance civic pride in Kansas City and make it a major league city.

We work alongside our community and invest in programs and initiatives that create supportive learning environments for youth and families as well as key institutions and organizations that eliminate barriers for all people to drive cultural, social, and economic impact in Kansas City.

Kansas City Civic Focus Areas

Beyond School

We support nonprofits that help students living in historically disinvested zip codes achieve success through our investments outside of school, such as after-school, STEM programming, and targeted programs to stimulate supportive learning environments for youth.

Key City Assets

We support institutions that contribute to the cultural, social, learning, and economic well-being of Kansas City. Such institutions are Union Station, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the National WWI Museum and Memorial, our public libraries, and the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. These institutions are deeply rooted in Kansas City and greatly contribute to its economic vibrancy, as well as its regional and national relevance.

Key City Issues

We support communities as they work to solve entrenched local issues that create disparate outcomes. This work includes data analysis, increased collaboration, targeted interventions, and nonprofit effectiveness.


See you on Central

The growing entrepreneurial economy on Central Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas, is supported by a strong Latinx community and support from an organization that grew out of the neighborhood.
October 31, 2019
See you on Central

Front row at West 18th Street

Kansas City’s West 18th Street Fashion Show is the culmination of two decades of development that puts the inclusive, creative, and entrepreneurial community now known as the Crossroads Arts District on full display.
August 22, 2019
Front row at West 18th Street

Creating a model that sets the curve for Opportunity Zone investment

Residents, community leaders, the business community, and community organizations are working together in Kansas City to leverage Opportunity Zone investments to establish sustainable, homegrown, community-driven development as the norm.
August 1, 2019
Creating a model that sets the curve for Opportunity Zone investment