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Term Sheets and Agreements

Below are term sheets and agreements available from Capital Access Lab funds and additional alternative venture capital funds.

A term sheet is not a legal promise to invest, but rather a nonbinding document that outlines the basic terms and conditions of a potential investment. Term sheets precede binding legal contracts in the venture capital process. Learn more >

Agreements are legally binding.

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With v3, aimed to capture the spirit of preserving equity for founders while simplifying the process in a tax-efficient way for investors. The contrast of the traditional VC route with v3 is simple, stark, and compelling. It should be the obvious, if not always easy, choice for ambitions founders.

By Earnest Capital

Earnest Capital is an early-stage investor in software and software-enabled companies, investing via a new financing structure called a Shared Earnings Agreement which is very different from traditional VCs or accelerators. Earnest is a team of founders, boot-strappers, and makers focused on funding entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses.

By Exponential Creativity Ventures

The SHARE is intended to make lots of good companies “investable” that would not otherwise be candidates for venture capital, and align investor and founder incentives toward the shared goal of building a sustainable, profitable business.